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LG 65ART90E6QA Objet Collection Easel 65″ 4K Smart TV


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LG 65ART90E6QA Objet Collection Easel 65″ 4K Smart TV

More than a TV – a work of art.

One TV transforms your interior
The unique easel-inspired design turns your TV into a work of art and transforms your space. Creating an artistic mood, the never-before-seen design is a statement piece that makes your living room, complete.

Like artwork in a gallery
Install EASEL flush with the wall and it becomes like an artwork in a gallery, with the beautiful frame creating perfect harmony and balance in your space.

Experience two views
With the moving cover, you get a new display experience on the same TV. Use Line View to decorate your space with daily information, then switch to Full View to enjoy the complete screen. Every moment you’re not watching TV blends in with your home and everyday life.

Adding new perspective to your everyday
In Line View, you can see everyday information like the time, and weather in a variety of themes, designs, and motions, or turn on some music and enjoy the modern yet subtle UI and equalizer screensaver. The two create an artful experience that enhances the atmosphere of your space.

Powerful performance for incredible picture
OLED evo is where powerful performance meets cutting-edge technology. With its Brightness Booster expressing 20%* brighter picture, whites are whiter, blacks darker, and details even more defined — helping you experience a whole new level of immersion.

Cinematic, room-filling sound
The EASEL delivers incredible multi-dimensional sound thanks to a powerful 80W output and room-filling 4.2 channels, making you feel like you’re front row at the cinema.


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